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Our next Finance Seminar is on Saturday 24th April. This will be delivered live online.

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We Don’t Beat the Market. The Market Beats Us

How does investor behavior affect real-life returns? For years, companies like Morningstar and Dalbar have done a bunch of studies on this question. Their studies try to compare the returns investors get to the returns investments get.But is there a difference? You...

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The trillion-dollar question.

How expert is the person managing your pensions and investments? Can they beat the market? And if not, what on earth are you paying them for?The cost of investing has been getting cheaper due to an explosion in the popularity of so-called passive investment funds....

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The world’s largest investor survey results are out!!

Dimensional, a US based investment house who manage more than $500 billion of assets recently launched the results of their investment survey. This survey which got responses from over 19,000 advisor clients globally is probably the largest of its kind in the...

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Do you know the figure you would like?

With summer now here, how many of you planned over the winter months to lose weight or work out, to ensure that you looked your best in the sun? Whether you managed it or not, all of you would have had clear expectations about what you wanted to achieve..........can...

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Personal Finance Advice for Business Owners

"You’ll love this one if you own your own business. Lorraine asks some tough questions. If you work for somebody else and are thinking of setting up on your own after reading this, you might question that! Working for yourself can be great, but it is tough. Read on as...

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