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You would be amazed at the amount of people who do not take up any sort of cover because they think it is going to cost too much. In reality you can get life cover from as little at €10 per month or start off a healthy pension pot with very little monthly investment. 

Why not use one of our handy calculators to work out your finances. Calculate your pension payments and figure out what you need to put away now that will benefit you later in life.

Pension Calculators

pension calculator


Do you really know how much money you need to put away to give you a stable income when you retire? Use this  calculator and start your pension on the right foot.

tax relief calculator

Tax Relief

This calculator shows the impact on your tax payments when you start saving for your pension. A very cost effective way to plan for the future.

Maximum pension payments calculator

Maximum Payments

This pension calculator lets you work out the maximum amount you can personally contribute to your pension for tax relief purposes and keep revenue happy.

dual income calculator

Dual Income Calculator 

The amount you can personally contribute to pension plans for tax relief purposes if you have more than one source of income and one of these sources is from pensionable employment.

ARF or Annuity Calculator

ARF or Annuity Calculator

After you have taken your retirement tax free lump sum you may be able to choose between an Annuity and/or an Approved Retirement Fund. Check it out now.


Life Insurance Calculators

Life Cover Calculator

Life Cover Calculator

Figure out how much cover you or your dependants will need should you die or become seriously ill.

Life Cover Quote

Life Cover Quote

Calculate how much life cover costs. This often surprises people on how little cover can cost so go check it out.

Inheritance Tax Liability

Inheritance Tax Liability

This calculator will show you how much inheritance tax your family could be liable to pay when you pass away.

Savings and Investments Calculators

Budget Calculator

Budget Calculator

Take a quick look at your monthly income and expenses with our budget calculator. This will give you an idea on how much money you have available to save.




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